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My Best Headphones

1. Do you have a specific need for your headphones?

All-Around Use

Most popular option! For mixed and flexible use - Sports, Office work, Traveling or just Hanging around

Price range:

$30 - $458

Sports & Fitness

For a great sweat protection, perfect fit and durability for long hours of running

Price range:

$20 - $235


Comfort headphones for long working hours with a great noise isolation

Price range:

$33 - $350


Wired and fully water resistant headphones, designated for swimming (some with a MP3 player)

Price range:

$14 - $150


Designated for the need of the "Gamer" - For a great sound quality, comfort and noise cancellation.

Price range:

$49 - $345

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Normal use - Most popular and practical

If you want all around headphones that you can use daily, we recommend to chose the "Normal use" option. The headphones in this category are comfortable and most of them are sweat resistant for sports.

Sports & Fitment - For intense use during sports

For the ones who run long time periods, we recommend to choose the "Sports & Fitment" option. The headphones in this category are fully sweat resistance, comfortable and will not fall off your ears.

Computer work - Work in noisy places

The "Computer work" headphones are for the ones who want to disconnect from their surroundings. The headphones in this category perform great in noise cancellation and are comfortable for long hours of use.

Swimming - Designated swimming headphones

These "Swimming" headphones are designated full water resistant, and have a short wired connection to the audio source. 

Gaming - Best sound and comfort for "Gamers"

Every "Gaming" fun understands the importance of great sound quality, comfort and noise cancellation features. The headphones in this category are dedicated for the needs of the gamer.

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